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Drink Life To Help Your Body Be Its Best!

Inflammation is when your immune system is dispatching the internal warriors of your body to deal with an unwanted condition. In these situations, it is important to make certain that you are doing your best to give your immune system what it needs to fight the good fight. Antioxidants and vitamins are great ways to assist your immune system. Even better, taking the antioxidants and vitamins in a form that easier for your body to absorb is quite beneficial.

Why Drink It?

Our bodies are mostly water. Being a water-based creature means that when we consume things in liquid form (especially at room temperature), or quasi-liquid (blended) our bodies can use the calories for energy and nutrition right away.

That’s why we drink life!

Some critics of juicing may say that we don’t get the fiber we need when we juice because many throw the pulp (what’s left after squeezing the juice out) away. In some cases that may be true, however, we’ve found  that using blenders won’t let you waste anything, and they’re prices range based on you budget.

Blending Produce – Produce Carry Bioelectrical Charges

Processed foods, genetically modified foods, and canned foods have zero bioelectricity. Whereas fresh produce and fresh herbs carry bioelectrical charges of up to 15 hertz for produce and anywhere from 12-27 hertz for herbs. These foods tend to be alkaline in nature and the energy of these foods can increase your bioelectrical output otherwise known as your life force.  When you juice high vibration produce and apply minimum heat to them, you are getting up to 15 hertz of energy per each serving.

Liquid Vitamins

Liquid vitamins are a preferred method for consuming supplements because of a multitude of benefits that they have over traditional pills, capsules, tablets, and powders. One of the major benefits is that the consumption of supplements in liquid form is easier to digest as opposed to other forms, allowing better absorption of medicinal properties. Taking your supplements intravenously is the only method that is faster and more absorptive.

Liquid vitamins are well suited for those that struggle ingesting pills, capsules, and tablets. This includes children or elderly people as well as those with digestive and absorption issues. Swallowing a pill may be difficult for some as well and a liquid equivalent may reduce the likelihood of skipping doses due to anxiety.  Liquid vitamins can be diluted in juices, making them easier to take regularly.

Liquid vitamins are much more readily broken down and absorbed in comparison to traditional vitamin pills. The reason behind this is that liquid absorbs much faster and more smoothly. Your body requires less energy to breakdown and absorb water-based vitamins. You can also modify dosing more easily if necessary.

Liquid vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream soon after ingestion. With traditional pills, however, they do not break down and dissolve as quickly. Liquid vitamins provide higher potency and depending on your dosage, can provide you with higher absorption rates than the traditional pill.

When you need the benefits of the vitamin sooner rather than later, liquid nutrients would be highly recommended.

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