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Olives, Olive Leaf Extract & Olive Oil

Olives are not just delicious they have been proven to provide health benefits like reducing high blood pressure. They combat diseases and ailments that have plagued people’s lives chronically. The olive and its leaves are less expensive than regular medication, less harmful to the body (if it is harmful at all), and it is easy to consume.

Olives, olive leaf tea and olive leaf extract are anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is when  your immune system is dispatching the internal warriors of your body to deal with an unwanted condition. In these situations, it is important to make certain that you are doing your best to give your immune system what it needs to fight the good fight. Antioxidants and vitamins are great ways to assist your immune system. Even better, taking the antioxidants and vitamins in a form that easier for your body to absorb is quite beneficial.

Why Consider Olive Leaf Extract?

Many people’s experience with the olive leaf has been extremely positive. I have used olive oil in cooking. I have used the olive leaf extract for detoxing and even with the basic olive leaf products, I have been able to experience results. After doing research and learning more about the olive leaf, I discovered products that have higher levels of oleuropein (a powerful antioxidant).

My Experience With the Olive Leaf Extract 

When I first started taking the olive leaf, I purchased Seagate Products Olive Leaf Extract Liquid 2 Ounces. This product has a 4.6 start rating with 280 votes. I read the reviews and made the purchase. I notice that my feet stop swelling and I notice that lightheadedness subsided both of which are indicators of high blood pressure. In a study referenced in the International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology, it was found that just taking 500 mg of olive leaf extract twice daily for an 8-week period improved the prognosis of stage 1 hypertensive patients.

Electrical Energy In Natural Food

When in its natural state, food has a measurement of electrical energy that is present in all-natural living things. This bioelectricity found in living things is measured in hertz. Processed foods, genetically modified foods, and canned foods have zero bioelectricity. Whereas fresh produce and fresh herbs carry bioelectrical charges of up to 15 hertz for produce and anywhere from 12-27 hertz for herbs. Olives are also very high vibration foods

You want to give yourself every opportunity to live the fullest life that you can. This is what was intended for you so I would recommend people give this high vibration food a try.

Researched Benefits 

So, what other issues have olive plant been able to help the everyday person with? Olive leaves has been known and shown to help with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Boosting immunity
  • Lupus
  • Gout
  • Reducing inflammation in eczema
  • Parasites and bacterial infections
  • Foot and nail fungus
  • Fights herpes and other STD’s
  • Fights restlessness/restless sleep

I believe people are getting away from the idea that the more expensive something is whether it is a treatment or a product or service that the more value it adds. I am under the impression that your gifts will make room for you and that this true with the olive leaf. With the olive leaf you can reap the benefits of a food that because of its deliciousness and medicinal benefits has been used for centuries. The olive leaf is very ancient an effective.

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How and Where to Buy Olive Products

The easiest way to use the olive leaf is to purchase an extract which can be found in your local health store or online in fact look at this product here to the left. I just put a dropper full into 2 to 4 ounces of water and I go on with my day. I do that maybe two to three times a day when I am taking a course. I take at least 1 dropper full every day. Or by steeping a cup of organic, NON-GMO olive plant leaves.

Make sure you buy organic olive leaf extract or olive leaf products. Olive leaf extracts are sometimes used in skin creams and other cosmetics so you can try adding five to 10 drops of olive leaf extract to your own face wash or body lotion. You can also purchase olive leaf tea bags online or at your local health food store you just simply steeped 1 tablespoon of the dried out of leaves in hot water for 10 minutes have it with some organic honey or lemon if you think the olive leaves are too bitter and enjoy

Below is a list of some of the products that have received extremely high ratings among users. Look at them research them and decide for yourself.

I am not a doctor! I am a consumer with an opinion on the types of products that I have used in my personal life. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases or ailments. I recommend that you speak with and convey all health concerns with your primary care provider.

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